Mikro and Megalo Seitani – an easy walk to wonderful beaches

I really regret never having visited the Seitani beaches before! The effort getting there is nothing against the beauty of the beaches. It is simply a matter of parking your car shortly after Potami and walk 30 minutes to Mikro Seitani and the another 30 minutes to Megalo Seitani.

The track is clearly marked and most people of normal health should be able to make the walk. I is not necessary to wear boots but some sturdy shoes or trekking sandals is needed.

Remember to bring plenty of water and food. We brought 1,5l each.

The water was really wonderful. It didn’t seem as salty as elsewhere maybe because the freshwater streaming into the ocean from the river in the gorge at the beach.

Notice how the mixing of fresh water and salt water influences the visibility in the underwater photo.

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