Potami waterfall and the Metamorphosis chapel

Jungle-like atmosphere, an ancient church and a small waterfall.

Not far from Karlovassi you’ll find Potami. It is both the name of a gravel beach and a stream running in a gorge almost completely overgrown with planes. You cross the stream a few times before the stream disappears between the rock wall not more than 3 meters apart.

During the high season it can be rather crowded with tourist wanting to see Samos waterfall. It is a special experience wading or swimming through the cold water to the small waterfall. It is only a about 2 meter fall, but nevertheless an experience to have your swimwear halfway hosed of.

On the way through the gorge you pass the old chapel of Metamorphosis. Behind the chapel you can follow a track the to some well kept remains of an fortification.

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