Walking on Samos

Walking, trekking og hiking. No matter the name walking on Samos has a very special place in the hearts of my wife and me. Since we first visited Samos i 1992 we have walked many mainly shorter walks and this has become our favorite way to experience the landscape.

We are quite average when it come to walking and all the walks we have done can be done by most people. Just remember to wear apropriate shoes and bring plenty of water. There are many wells and springs where you can fill your water bottles, but don’t rely 100% on it. Sometimes farmers redirect the water to water their fields.

All our walks are either circular (you start and end the same place). A few are done using the local bus services. Finally we used a taxi to take us to the starting point and walked back to our car.

Most importantly is not to throw garbage in the nature!

Now get inspired and get out there!

List of walks

Walks: Agios Petros

Agios Petros is a small chapel build on top of a rock hill worth visiting. The place is rather isolated ...
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Walks: From Vourliotes to Kokkari

This walks V4 and K2 from Nightingale Walks. In order to respect the fact that we did the walk in ...
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Walks: Megalo Seitani

This walk is both easy and rewarding. The trail is easy to follow and not too strenuous. Allow 1,5 hours ...
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Mikro and Megalo Seitani – an easy walk to wonderful beaches

I really regret never having visited the Seitani beaches before! The effort getting there is nothing against the beauty of ...
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Nice and easy walk through Vathi

During our stay on Samos in May 2014, we finally managed to follow the old track from the church Agia ...
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You should go here. Great views over the north coast of Samos

This is one of my favorite places on Samos. The small chapel Profitis Ilias is like almost all Profitis Iliases ...
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Sign showing the way to Kakoperato cave

More photos from Kakoperato

We revisited the Kakoperato cave in 2013 together with our friends. Even it was a long drive from Kerveli our ...
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Kakoperato cave

The Monastery Zoodochos Pigi and a cave that will challenge Your potential vertigo. According to Google Translate Kako perato is greek for ...
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Pythagoras cave

The cave where Pythagoras is supposed to have lived as a hermit. As the photos show, it is possible to ...
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Potami waterfall and the Metamorphosis chapel

Jungle-like atmosphere, an ancient church and a small waterfall. Not far from Karlovassi you’ll find Potami. It is both the name of ...
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Books, maps and other recommendations

I highly recommend the book and map from Terrain Edition which can be found both online and in many local stores on Samos






I would also recommend and acknowledge the work a group of volunteers are doing in the area between Kokkari, Vourlitotes, Manolates, Stavrinides, Ambelos and Ag. Konstantinos. Their maps can be bought in the local stores. The routes are clearly marked and are very highly recommended.

Last but not least, I strongly recommend trying a trip with Giorgos from SamosOutdoors. I have had the pleasure of a mountain bike trip in the area above Karlovasi. Giorgos knows the area well and shares his knowledge about flora, fauna and history.